Saturday, 25 August 2012

Paranormal Activity I

We often experience the realm of the paranormal but we either attribute these instances to the unclassified domains of the unexplainable, or we are too busy or too ignorant to notice them. Paranormal is not necessarily about ghosts and wandering spirits but its the domain of those forces whose existence, though non proven, has its own ways of asserting its presence.So I'm here to share a few instances of which either I've heard of or which I myself have been a part of.

This is an instance from my own life. It dates a long time back and if I'm not wrong, 1997 was the year. We used to put up in a different house then. The house had a long lobby. The kitchen and drawing rooms in front were connected with the living rooms in back through this sole lobby. I was 7 and I was considered to be an expert in walking or running in the dark. Perhaps we're much more talented when we are small. DESU(Delhi Electric Supply Unit) was the orchestrator of our power supply then, and its performance was woefully pathetic. Power cuts of 3-4 hours were quite commonplace. So, on this one fine day in April-May, I guess, we had a power cut in the evening.

It was around 7:50 and its precisely the time when you're neither comfortable with walking in the gloominess and nor are you okay with the idea of kindling a candle or lighting a torch. My mom was working in the kitchen and she had supposedly put two patilas on both the flames of our gas stove. One of them had milk and the other had water. Both of them were put on burners with the purpose of being boiled. I was playing near the kitchen until the power cut struck. As the power went off, the milk had almost boiled and so my mom switched that burner off, but the burner with the patila having water was still on. I saw all this with my own eyes and so there was no reason for being doubtful about it.

Since the water patila still had some time to boil, me, my mom and my elder brother, who was studying in the living room in the rear, decided to grasp some fresh air by paying a visit to the gallery on the rear side of the house. We all went there. After a few minutes, I went in searching for a my Cosco ball to play with and this was also about time when the water patila would have boiled up.So my mom asked from outside if I could close that burner. I agreed without an argument. After all, nothing else can be more showy for a boy of 7 than to walk in a dark house with a long lobby, all alone.

I was in my senses as long as I was approaching the kitchen but the moment I reached there, something shuddered my senses. The burners of the patilas seemed to have reversed their previous states. The burner of the patila having boiled milk was now burning and the one with the water patila was now closed. I rubbed my eyes and checked it again. I was shocked to notice that it wasn't an illusion or delusion. The burners had indeed swapped their states.

When I discussed this with the rest of the family, they said it could be because of the distraction due to the power cut. Even mom agreed to that. They even said that maybe both mom and I got it wrong while seeing that which patila was on a closed burner and which was on open. But none of them realized that if the patila with milk had been on an open burner throughout this time, then the milk would have been over boiled and overflowed by now. But as I reached there, it was perfectly fine. It looked as if the states were swapped just before I made my way into the kitchen.

What can you attribute this to ? Is it a mere failure of human perception or is it some force that wanted to show its presence ? What do you think it could be ?