Saturday, 18 August 2012

Some Deserve, Some Reserve !

Before you story reading this, I ought to tell you that this, unlike other anti-reservation posts, does not straightforwardly advocate the termination of such policies, but takes a holistic view on how they ought to be changed and why. B R Ambedkar, who perhaps was amongst the greatest leaders that our country ever had, struggled against a venomous community of people who belonged to the upper sects and the upper castes of the society. He was ill-treated at his office, at the courts but eventually everyone who came in touch with him recognized the novelty of his cause and went being with him. He saw it all - how untouchables were denied the right to even the basic of things, how they were not allowed to pray in temples, how they were overridden in every moment that they lived. He took the courage to change it and so he did. He was a vehement advocate of a democracy that ensured that everyone stays equal and stands equal. But let me tell you, he never implemented any reservation policy on his own. So never are we supposed to attribute the fiasco of our present reservation policies on him or on his actions. He was a great man, and so he will be. He just presented the idea of a constitution where the govt or the authorities can possibly help a caste or a group that was rendered unprivileged either because of social bias or because of an authoritative or geographical one. But now, the situation has turned somewhat upside down. A Kind of redemption can be sighted in some terms. Even though most of the social bias is now gone and most of the underprivileged are now in fact more privileged, yet the policies meant to benefit them, continue to be there and haunt us.

So the question is, where did it all go wrong ? I, being born in a middle class family belonging to the general category, just had enough money and resources to complete my education. We just had what was needed just as is the case with any other average middle class family. But just for me being born as a general category guy, half of my opportunities were taken away from me at the very onset of my life. Why ? Just because I did not belong to the classes that are reserved. So just after my very entry into the scene, my govt made sure that I need to live a life of struggle,demolition and disgust no matter how bright a lad I am or how much potential I possess. Whereas, some other average guy from some rich family, a family that belongs to the say, SC or ST category, and a family that has enjoyed benefits of reservation policies for 2 generations and has accumulated a 10 crore rupees already, gets the assurance from our govt that no matter how less he scores, he gets into a better college than me, and further, no matter how many backs/compartments he gets there, he gets a better job or a better PG offer than me. The problem lies here. How in the world can you distribute opportunities on the sole basis of where you're born !!!

This was never meant to be like this. The initial policy prototypes after the idea of bringing such policies arouse, had something else to say. They comprised of ways in which the people belonging to the backward castes and tribes can be brought in sync with those in the upper classes. But none of the clauses in those policies derided the guys like me, who form a major chunk of the middle class, from our opportunities. The idea was simple. You simply cannot harm a section for benefiting one. However, our shitty politicians who never think for the country and always think of winning the next elections, had something else in mind. They knew that once they start to literally giveaway opportunities to the backwards and lure them with this bait, they're bound to stay loyal to them in the elections that follow. And this scheme did work. The reason why Congress stayed in power for so many years is just this. In fact the very reason why Congress came back in power in 09 was that they provided reservations to the previously unreserved OBCs. Otherwise, Sonia Gandhi would be running a Pizza Hut store in Italy, right now.Unfortunately, it was not to be.

When you just giveaway things to people, their view of that thing's value gets blurred. They refrain from working hard because they knew they'll get it anyway. They lose their skills instead of honing them. They eventually get something that they're not prepared for, and they're not equipped to handle. The reason why those who belong to the reserved categories end up getting the worst percentages in graduation is just this. They were not prepared for it and yet they got it. Some of them end up ruining their careers whereas some end up further raking on what the govt has yet to offer - reserved seats in the top notch PG schools. The utterly woeful situation of our PWDs, telephone departments and other governmental organizations can also be attributed to this lack of skill set. In fact some PSUs organize drives only for the backward castes and at times they even skip drives meant for an open pool. So its no surprise that most of them are reporting losses of as much as 10000 Cr.

Anyways, the fact that these backward class guys and gals do need some form of assistance cannot be neglected. The overall situation of these sections is still worth paying some attention to and there's no doubt that it needs improvement. But aiming for improvement with the existing methodologies can have dire consequences as we've already experienced. So, what now ? I guess financial assistance is the best form of assistance for the upliftment of these sections. In today's times, money is the only resource, apart from mind power, that can make you see success. Mind power is inherited or developed, and the lack of it cannot be tackled by reserving seats or posts,but lack of money can indeed be tacked by supplying money. Our nation has got so much of money to distribute to these guys that I can bet that no one of them would be deprived of it if such money is distributed properly. If our govt, which apparently is UPA, the same alliance that is a little too much interested in caste based policies, starts concentrating a little more on this idea than on scams and saving their leaders from going to jails, then this idea can surely be implemented here and now. No questions, it will take just 5 months for these guys to start getting their deserved money and then they can do whatever they want to do with it. They cannot complain then for lagging behind the general category guys because even the general category guys are studying in the same school and even in the same coaching. What would these guys need now ?  In case they still need reservations of opportunities that make the situation equivalent to an examination where they knew 80 percent of the questions in advance, then I guess its better to see the apocalypse than to see such undeserving guys reaping all the benefits and the deserving guys dying out in the open.