Friday, 24 May 2013

What if your very life was fixed ?

It's a very difficult thing to engage yourself in compiling and then eventually writing down a blog post, especially when the post is destined for a blog that is somewhat deserted. However, the feeling, the compulsion and the force are sometimes so incessant that they cannot be kept at abeyance and you eventually articulate your ideas and emotions. This blog post is perhaps a manifestation of that same conglomerate of thoughts that have bothered me for the past few days. First, it was the arrest of Sanjay Dutt which once again drove me to contemplate on the cycles of glory and tribulation which are such an inherent part of nearly every man's life, no matter how big he may be. And then, it was the arrest of our erstwhile Railways Minister's nephew that eventually surfaced the underpinnings of a giant business empire based out of ostensible lobbying and use of power. And eventually, it was the expose of the spot fixing fiasco which has ever since being devouring quite a lot of convicts every single day. All in all, it was just a matter of a day for these men. For Sunjay Dutt, it was the day when the Supreme Court delivered its final judgment, for the Railway Minister's nephew, it was that one particular day when a trail led CBI to him and for the ones indulged in spot fixing, it was about that day when the police found some solid proof to charge the culpable. It was just a matter of a day and all these men who were once surrounded by glitter and sumptuous wealth and recognition, were instantly sent to the gallows of tribulation and plight. I want to ask this question, what if the very lives of these men were fixed well in advance ?

I'm not pointing towards the possible involvement of a personnel whose position and vested powers made him so immaculate that he could have single handedly asked others to act at his behest and captivate these men. I'm also not talking about the considerations of righteousness which dictate terms about how a breach of morals and ethics is bound to get you punished sooner or later. What I am talking about is that of all the possibilities of these men finding a way to escape the wrath of our inadvertently captive judiciary, why was it that these men who were so very ingenious, still couldn't find a way to save themselves. A detailed analysis may reveal certain flaws or certain prejudices that cost them dearly at the end. However, on a more larger scale, this has got to do with the all powerful and the magnanimous entity called fate or destiny, as and what you may like to call it.

What if irrespective of what we do and how we do it, a substantial part of the outcome was always predetermined ? What if irrespective of how much we talk of restructuring and revamping our destiny, the transformation in itself was predestined to take place ? What if the struggle we brag about was also something already carved over the blueprint of our future. In short, what if most of our lives are already fixed ? One may arrive at the conclusion that the term "fixed" is used here to highlight the prevalent notorious cult, but it's not. "Fixed" has been used to draw a correspondence on how much of our eventual future path appears to be random and yet it was not random. There was a part of it, perhaps, which we could have molded and yet there was a considerable portion that was not malleable. That portion was intriguing and befuddling but it was not our perspicaciousness which made it to be that way, it was the manifestation of what was supposed to happen to us.

So much of iniquity resides in our lives that we eventually crumble down under the bedrock of egregiousness and yet someday, there arrives some event or something else which literally diverts the course of our life. What once appeared ludicrously quixotic, now becomes the luscious reality. What once appeared the most grotesque of possibilities, now takes you to the pinnacle of your life. You did change and walked through the most tormenting of phases in the most nonchalant of ways, but your circumstances too changed accordingly and half of the parameters in your circumstances were never in your control. What would you call this eventual sync between your arriving at some juncture and the circumstances getting ripe. You may call it luck, or a coincidence or even a fluke, but you still cannot disparage its prescience.

Now the final question. Who fixed this life of yours ? Truth be told, at least you yourself weren't the complete curator for what eventually ensued. Yes, you fought through the tides, strove through the tatters, and triumphed through the vicissitudes but still, you were not the one who can be solely heralded as the master of your fate. In fact all that you believed to have done to change your fate was simply a part of your fate itself. You were born as an indigent, you crib about the impecuniousness, you talk about how you resorted to sheer penchant for success and resorted to immense frugality, and how you eventually overcame the blunt of what you were born with. But what if all of this was scripted many years in advance, what if all these brilliant battles, these ephemeral stints of gleam and glory, these boisterous sprees and this eventual opulence, were all destined to come to you ? You can choose to agree with it, or walk away from it, but you still cannot disavow it because it itself is imbibed in you and you yourself are imbibed in its shell. What if your very life was fixed ?