Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Talk to the hand : Congress Critque 1

I'm no panache when it comes to expressing things clearly but still this craving to express my beliefs brings me back to my blog again and again. Perhaps that's the very reason why I set up these blogs at the first place. Nevertheless, I'm here again to express my contempt at something that has been boiling inside me and certainly needed a vent to brew out. Before I commence the main part, let me make this clear that this post is based on politics and its inherent avenues. Hence if you belong to the type that is incredulous towards the very institutions or are one from the lot that is totally indifferent and apathetic towards the systems that exist in regards of the whole political hierarchy, this post is not for you. And neither is this post for those who have a voter identification card for the sole purpose of being used as an identity proof for various purposes. This post has something to offer only to those who have a queer yet solid belief that the institutions of democracy would some day or the other find the right patriarchs.

So, Modi has been elected at a post in BJP which was considered significant enough for JDU to split with them on the pretext of a communal man leading BJP in the next elections. As a matter of fact, the final judgment on NaMo's alleged involvement in riots is impending and hence deeming him "communal" without a final verdict from the most authoritative pillar of a democracy - The Judiciary, is the most blatant oxymoron that can be cited with regards to a party that contests elections in India. Another hypocrisy that is not very palpable but can be considered legible for the case of political veterans, is the fact that JDU are okay with Advani leading NDA in the race. If one believes that Modi is communal, Advani has to merit twice as much of consideration to give some justice to equity. So as it can be concluded, JDU is simply a part of the cohort that is too scared to stand against the wind that's presently strong enough to root out entire establishments. Practically JDU's quitting NDA on the very onset of Modi being elected as the front party's leader is a classic example of Monomania, but as such this is another manifestation of Modimania or Modiphobia as his critics may like it to be termed. All in all, people are a little too wary to stand with the guy or are too afraid to stand against him. But as in case of JDU, we had a party that simply has a more specious agenda. Maybe they perceive Nitish, their own leader, as a plausibly probable candidate for the PM if the prospective third front comes into picture. All in all, there's quite some commotion when it comes to the opposition. However, the ruling party is inadvertently unaffected. Why ? You know the answer to it because you are the answer to it !

So much for the hullabaloo that exists on the other side of the barricade. New alliances are forged, new leaders being coroneted, new responsibilities being vested and Congress is still as strong as the darkest horse can be. No problems whatsoever in terms of who'll lead and moreover there don't seem to be quite a lot of contenders when it comes to fighting for the top position. You know why the BJP had so many people willing to be the front face of the party ? Because that is actually possible in BJP. It is a party that follows some niche form of democracy in its internal affairs as well. A man who rises from the scratch and works hard to take his people out of predicaments has indeed got the necessary postulates in the structure to go on and become the leader of the party. However in Congress, such a situation shall arise only if there's no one with the most revered patronymic surname in the scene. You know what surname I'm talking about and let it stay tacit because I don't want to disparage in any way the veracity that is associated with the honest and impeccable personnel who once were its flag bearers. As long as the successor of that surname is alive, no one else can assume the position of the top notch leadership within the party and subsequently within the country. Hence it's no surprise that Madam G features much ahead in the Forbes' list than our PM in the male counterpart of that enumeration.

Congress, ever since ts very inception has been free of all the cynicism which is otherwise an inevitability in our democracy. You simply know who their main leader is and irrespective of who contests for an election, it's their top man or top woman with the "G" power that you're likely to vote for. People own that visage of a sacrosanct person in pristine white Khaadi, condoning every convict, and loving every soul that comes in his/her way. A person who treats all religions equally irrespective of the fact that his/her party was in rule when more riots took place than in any other timeline. But no, how can someone with the "G" bearing be involved in something as blasphemous as a communal riot where thousands of innocents were burnt alive ? It has to be something that was cooked up by the dungeon operatives or by the filthy media. And even beyond that, this person is seen as an epitome of efficiency and moral conduct. One who conjures all the situations beforehand and never allows the nation to land in something precarious. Lest we forget the host of tribulations of varied nature and magnitude including political emergencies to avoidable droughts to gargantuan scams, this is quite true actually. When it comes to running a government for full five years, none can beat Congress. Maybe that's because of the fact that every local leader who comes under the ambit of the "G" bearer is very well aware of what he is without the backing of the "G", or maybe that is because every single rebellion is silently quashed by sheer supremacy. That's something we'll never find.

Anyways, some people do know the flaws that are prevalent within this quintessential party but quite a large section exists which wants to vote for them even after knowing everything. One reason is that they know of no other party to vote for and two, they have every reason to still vote for Congress. Congress as a party faces very infinitesimal policy paralysis when they actually have the volition to get something. The policy paralysis that they often mention as a deterrent and hindrance courtesy of them being in an alliance, actually relates to those policies that they are actually not very much interested in bringing in. A party that put its very cabinet at stake to bring in the nuke bill and a party that complained of vehement intricacies while passing the Janlokpal bill, well, that's what I wanted to depict there. So, as such Congress is capable of passing any resolution and any bill that comes under their umbrella of consideration and benefit. The whole MNREGA initiative is no doubt egalitarian, but is the underpinning of it in anyway related with the actual benefits which some people reap today ? Or is the scheme having an ulterior motive, one that is nefarious and does more good to them than is apparent. To comply with the length restrictions, I'd conclude here and continue from here in the other post that would follow sooner or later. When it comes to Congress, they're scornful enough to not to consider the common man. So don't talk to their man and their face, who of course cannot speak even otherwise, but talk to the hand, the hand of Congress.