Thursday, 23 January 2014

Man is a master of his own fate !

Within a kitten’s whiskers distance from her attainment,
I chose the uncouthness as it seemed too merry,
I choose to desist shaving for I thought I shall tarry,
With a shabby face full of grimace,
I teemed in dejection and appeared so deplorable,
For I looked so subdued and so unkempt,
That I soon became a symbol of being despicable.

People maintained distance from me,
Trying best to withhold judgment,
For mine plight was not a delight,
They finally vetted at my assessment,
Through social prejudice and stereotyping,
Calumnies were issued against me,
Through ostracising from the parish
They finally made my identity to vanish.

I tried hard to linger,
Despite the vilification, despite the hunger,
I tried to last even with this stubble,
Trying hard not to get hit as they rained on me rubble,
I was termed an outcast, so esoteric that they even called me an ignominious beast
For I finally left my reveries and made my way to the benevolent priest.

Son, he said, his eloquence bringing to me some light,
A man ought to be clean shaven and that’s what always seems right,
His halo emanated wisdom and virtue as I sat till the morning sun,
And the moment I felt enlightened, I made my home run.
Off went the grizzly stubble and that parch of weeds,
I was now a worthy man vying on all his needs.

I took my chances on that girl again,
Sensing nothing that shall deter,
I proclaimed my affection in my usual way,
And my clean shaven look bowled her.

What this world needs is not a grumpy looking bear,
Never own stubble that makes you suffer sear,
Never do deeds that make your fortunes abate,
For ultimately man is a master of his own fate.

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