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An avalanche has caused significant damage to a section of the Alpine Tunnel Road. Following the early February snowstorm a number of naturally triggered avalanches occurred …

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colorado alpine tunnel road closed - Roadheaders. Alpine Tunnel - Wikipedia. Alpine Tunnel is a 1,772 ft (540 m) narrow gauge railroad tunnel located east of …

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The Alpine Tunnel Historical District is normally open from July to September. Visitors to the District can follow a 10 mile auto tour. The auto tour (see map below) begins northeast of Pitkin at the junction of the Cumberland Pass Road (FDR 765) and the Alpine Tunnel Road (FDR 839).

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After traveling 3 miles west along the path, you'll arrive at the rocky slopes of Mt. Poor and the trail's namesake, the Alpine Tunnel. Service through the tunnel ended in 1910 and both entrances are closed; the east entrance was caved in and its west entrance was covered by landslides.

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It appears the Palisades suffered considerable damage from an avalanche this past winter. Its quite sad that after 135 years this finally happened, but i guess nothing lasts forever. I wonder what they will do to open the road? See this link for more info and pics. Dave []

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The enginehouse at Alpine Tunnel Station burned in 1906. In October 1910, still another cave-in struck Alpine Tunnel. Service ended permanently. The east portal of Alpine Tunnel. Ill conceived, ill fated, even cursed was Alpine Tunnel, but it definately qualifies as a railway legendary place.

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4/4/2016 · The Alpine Tunnel 4x4 road is a popular route that connects with Hancock Pass near Tincup and St. Elmo, Colorado. This hiking trail goes to the other end of the closed …

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The Alpine Tunnel was the first railroad bore ever drilled in the United States, the first ever to carry tracks under the Continental Divide and, in 1882, the highest point ever reached by a …

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