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If you have a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome that hasn’t gone away with more basic treatments, surgery may be the best option. Find out when you’d need surgery, what’s it’s like ...

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Video Of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. There are a lot of videos available on YouTube showing Carpal Tunnel Surgery. Honestly, unless you like a lot of blood and gore, you really do not want to watch these Surgery Videos. They tend to make most people feel quite squeamish.

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This video clip explains what to expect during your carpal tunnel surgery.

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Well, most people are improved after carpal tunnel surgery. About 90 percent of the people who have carpal tunnel surgery are happy that they had the surgery. That doesn't mean that you're normal, though, after the surgery. Probably less than half of people who have carpal tunnel surgery really feel ...

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Dr. Helgemo’s preferred method of carpal tunnel hand surgeryis endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery. The video on this page shows Dr. Helgemo performing that procedure. Under this form of carpal tunnel hand surgery, the patient is given a twilight anesthetic. …

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Carpal tunnel release is surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. During this surgery, the surgeon cuts through a ligament in the wrist to make more room for nerves and tendons to pass through. This can improve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Carpal tunnel release surgery is a low-risk procedure with high success in quickly relieving nighttime and neurological symptoms. Numbness, coordination, and strength in the hand gradually improves over several weeks and months and may improve up to or beyond a year from the surgery. See Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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The chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome increases with age. Women have a slightly higher chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. It affects people who use their wrists and hands repeatedly at work and at play. Myth: It takes a long time to recover from surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

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