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KAMY is the worldwide leader in manufacturing hydraulic cutters, road headers, tunnel support systems, and other specialized machinery used in the tunneling, mining, and construction industries. Through KAMY’s years of experience and innovative thinking, we can provide custom engineered solutions for nearly any project requiring rock excavation or concrete demolition.

KAMY is the leading manufacturer of roadheaders in the weight class of 13-80 tons weight. Our roadheaders offer interchangeable cutter heads, both transverse and axial and are custom engraved for each project. Our hydraulic cutters are suitable for material with uniaxial compressive strength ranging from 500 to 25,000 pounds per square inch. All of our products can be utilized in a variety of applications from rock excavation, trenching, demolition and concrete, to underwater cutting, tunneling, and scaling.

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As the name implies, microtunneling or microtunnelling is a digging technique used to construct small tunnels. These small diameter tunnels make it impossible to have an operator in the machine itself.

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the challenges of technically demanding tunneling. This course is specifically tailored for those interested in microtunneling and describes the tech-nique in depth together with comparisons with other trenchless techniques such as horizontal direc-tional drilling etc.

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HDD and Microtunneling: Trenchless Methods Meet Today's Needs Trenchless construction methods, including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and microtunneling, have been used in the United States since the mid 80s, and are likely to grow in popularity due to the advantages they offer. To construct utilities within busy urban areas,

HDD and Microtunneling: Trenchless Methods Meet Today's Needs

It is expected that proposals will be made by contractors providing various types of micro-tunnelling techniques including the Direct Pipe and/or similar methods. . ... Review of Risks associated with Micro-Tunneling .. ... Micro-tunnelling Method Statement. Uploaded by. Shanmuganantha Kathiravelu. ALT CODES. Uploaded by.

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Microtunneling is a remote-controlled, continuously supported pipe jacking method. Standard center drive and face access, peripheral drive MTBMs are sized in the 30-114-in. OD range. Microtunneling operations are managed by an operator in an above ground control container alongside of the shaft.

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An introduction to pipe jacking and microtunelling design 2 Pipe jacking, generally referred to in the smaller diameters as microtunnelling, is a technique for installing underground pipelines, ducts and culverts. Powerful hydraulic jacks are used to push specially designed pipes through the ground behind a shield at the same time as

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An introduction to pipe jacking and microtunelling design

Micro-Tunneling is a trenchless technology which combines a remote-controlled, steerable boring machine with pipe jacking techniques to install pipelines underneath the surface, on almost all ground conditions, in a single pass.

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